While adventuring on the Azuremyst Isles, adventurers encountered "Cookie" McWeaksauce at Odesyus' Landing. The chef sent adventurers to retrieve Skittering Crawler Meat so that he could cook a batch of Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo. When they returned with the meat and he had created the meal, he gave some of it to the adventurers.



  • "The Admiral be right, ye are a resourceful one. Mayhap ye could help Cookie out? If I serve the crew chicken for dinner again, I'll be sent to the brig fer sure. I noticed that thar be crawlers all along the coastline - lots o' crawlers! Bring me crawler meats and I'll be forever indebted to ya. Help a reformed pirate out?" ("Cookie" McWeaksauce)


  • "Arrr... Yarr... Shiver me timbers... Er, sorry lass, I gotta practice me pirate lest I forget it..." ("Cookie" McWeaksauce)


  • "Bless yer heart, stranger. This'll go a long ways in liftin' the morale o' the crew." ("Cookie" McWeaksauce)

Real WorldEdit

"Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo" is an Alliance quest in the Draenei starting zone of Azuremyst Isles, available to Alliance characters of any race after level 5. The player must collect 6 Skittering Crawler Meat. The reward is Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo, 480 experience (or 2 silver and 70 copper at level cap), 150 reputation with Exodar (Faction) and Stormwind (Faction) each.

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