Princess Katrina is the youngest daughter of the Empress of Estia -- she grew up a tomboy with an adventurous heart. As she grew into adulthood, she eventually began to adopt the ways of lady... though she still thirsts for adventure. She is often accompanied by her friend Sarah, and has also befriended the dragon Cirrusaliosa. She battled Grux the Dragonlord for control of the Dragon Scepter and won -- although this ambition made her an unknowing pawn in a much larger game...

Flavor TextEdit

  • "For Anglor! For Estlam! And for the Light!" (Katrina Aloft, Fabled)
  • "Come on Sarah, let's go start some trouble." (Princess Katrina, Fabled)
  • As her friendship with the great white dragon deepens, Katrina is in the sky more often than not. (Katrina Aloft, Rare)
  • The youngest daughter of the Empress grew up a tomboy. She may wear silk dresses now, but she still lusts for adventure.

Real WorldEdit

Katrina appears on two Human Hero Warstorm cards -- Princess Katrina and Katrina Aloft. Both can be found in Rare and Fabled editions.

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