The ghost of Piotyr in QfG4

The heroic Paladin Piotyr aided the land of Mordavia in many ways, but became most renowned for aiding Erana against the Cult of the Dark One when they sought to summon Avoozl. He led the righteous army that battled the cult, while Erana herself fought the Dark One. When the battle ended, Piotyr took Erana's Staff back to the town and placed it in the Town Garden. Though mournful over her death, Piotyr continued with his life.

Shortly before Piotyr's marriage to the pregnant Magda Ivanov, Erana reached out to him in his dreams. Realizing her plight, Piotyr set out to find the scattered Dark One Rituals and free her. To obtain the Heart Ritual, he battled the Master Wraith and was slain in the battle. The wraith took Piotyr's Sword and added it to his treasure hoard. As he had told no one of his quest, Magda believed he had abandoned her at the altar and the name of Piotyr fell into dishonor.

Years later, Piotyr's ghost appeared to the Paladin Hero of Tarna, guiding him in the task of freeing the soul of the Rusalka Elyssa Pavlovna. He then explained his own dishonor, and asked the Hero to find his sword and bring it to his descendant Dmitri Ivanov. The Hero succeeded in this task, and Piotyr then advised him to return Tanya Markarov to her parents and use the Ritual of Release to do so. Once Tanya was alive again, Piotyr sent the Hero to achieve the mission that had ended the ghosts life -- to free Erana and banish Avoozl. The Hero succeeded in this, but did not encounter Piotyr's spirit again. It can be presumed that the ghost was freed by having the evils present in Mordavia defeated and the deeds he had left undone finished.

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The ghost of Piotyr can be encountered only by the Paladin in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

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