The Penhold Staff was the magical staff of Marcus Penhold and his father before him. It was enchanted to be able to cast several spells, including Freedom of Movement, Hold Person and Remove Paralysis.

The Hero of Neverwinter found the staff on the body of Marcus Penhold. They then brought the staff back to Bertrand.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This weapon was fashioned to the tastes of Melthius Penhold, a scholar who traveled the south in the last century. His unassuming manner led to a long and peaceful life, a similarly uneventful death, and a lineage of anonymity. His staff is of modest ability, and that quality mirrors his honest family history. The last descendants of the Penhold line are two great great grandchildren: Marcus, now evidently deceased, and Bertrand, both of Neverwinter."

Real WorldEdit

This isa quest item in Chapter 1 of Neverwinter Nights. The staff was an item that Bertrand asked to have retrieved, although the player has the option to keep the staff or sell it back.

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