Pavel was the brother of Bim, both of whom had left the farm they grew up on to become students at the Neverwinter Academy. He trained as a Fighter. He met the Hero of Neverwinter shortly before the graduation ceremony. After witnessing the death of his brother and escaping his own demise during the attack on the Academy, Pavel encountered the aspiring Hero once more and joined him. Together, they battled through the enemies that had invaded the Academy, eventually defeating the Mysterious Mage and reaching the Waterdhavian Creatures. Afterwards, Pavel realized he was not cut out for the life of an adventurer and returned to the farm he had been raised on.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "This man looks at you expectantly, ready for your questions. He is the spitting image of the man standing next to him." (Prologue)
  • "Pavel looks very concerned about what has happened. He seems unsure of what to do next." (Prologue, after attack begins)


During the attack on the Neverwinter Academy, Pavel had equipped...

He also carried with him...

Real WorldEdit

Pavel is the first character encountered in the prologue of Neverwinter Nights. Later, he provides a tutorial on henchmen for the player.

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