Olgen is a dwarf warrior who is sensitive about his diminutive size. He battles with an enormous warhammer that, coupled with his intense ferocity, more than makes up for his small stature. His tactics are unique in Nirros, which has earned him a formidable reputation. He is also famed for his fierce loyalty to his comrades-at-arms.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Little is known about this savage warrior, save that mocking him for his height is a sure way to be introduced to his hammer. Olgen`s tactics in battle have are nearly unrecognizable among the warriors of Nirros, and his bravery in protecting comrades--even simple mercenaries, has earned him a very interesting reputation."

Real WorldEdit

Olgen is a General that can be purchased from the Temple for 35 favor points. He has 25 strength, 5 agility, and 5 intelligence. He is only available to Haven players level 40 or above.

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