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The favored steed of Samhain, Night Mare (aka The Nightmare) is a black winged horse. Although the creature of darkness generally resides in the Land of the Dead, his love of the poisonous nightshade berries that grow elsewhere brings him to the Land of the Living with some regularity.

Alexander found the steed munching on such berries on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. He immediately cast his Charm a Creature of the Night Spell, ensnaring the winged mount. Alexander hopped on Night Mare's back and rode to the Land of the Dead. Later, Samhain lost the Prince of Daventry's challenge, Night Mare was ordered to bring Alexander, Allaria and Calliphim back to the Land of the Green Isles. He deposited Alexander on the shore of the Isle of the Crown and then flew off with the former royalty in search of their remaining supporters.

Real WorldEdit

Night Mare is a pegasus found in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. Night Mare likely drew inspiration from the Night Mare of Greek mythology and medieval legend.

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