Nawar was originally one of the harem girls in the Raseirian Palace. She was good friends with Zayishah and Mayzun, and was willing to hide the adventurous Hero from the North as he infiltrated the palace. While hiding him, she was especially enamored of hm.

After Ad Avis' defeat, she left Raseir with her best friend Budar, following Ferrari to Silmaria. There, Ferrari employed her in the Dead Parrot Inn where she danced and ran the dagger toss game. She also rented a room in the inn to call her home. When the Hero arrived in Silmaria, she was delighted to see him again. Despite her suggestive jokes and innuendos, she truly has deep feelings for the Hero.

Nawar is one of the four women it is possible to marry in the final game of the series, though she is best suited for the thief character. The rest of this article assumes that the player chooses Nawar.

To win her hand in marriage, the Hero bested Abdull in a quick bout of swordplay -- a bout interrupted by Silmarian Guards but one that lasted long enough to satisfy Nawar. She was also quite pleased when the Hero secured the Deed for Gnome Ann's Inn from Ferrari, glad to have seen him on the sour end of a business deal. The Hero showered Nawar with gifts, eventually proposing to her with Hera's Ring. Nawar gladly accepted.

Real WorldEdit

Nawar is a character who appears in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (and its VGA remake by AGDI) and Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

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