Muln at the Maelstrom

Muln Earthfury is a powerful Tauren Shaman who leads the secretive organization known as the Earthen Ring on Azeroth. He is the descendant of Oreg Earthfury, though he has no relation to the Orc Reghar Earthfury.

When the Elemental Unrest began, Muln called a meeting of the Earthen Ring. Just when the meeting was about to commence, however, the shamans were called upon to defend Bloodhoof Village from a powerful and unnatural fire -- which coincided with an attack from centaurs. The Earthen Ring leapt into action, but found the elements were unwilling to give them aid and the shamans were forced to retreat.

Word soon reached the shamans that one, single shaman had done what they failed to do -- the Tauren Shotoa. Muln recalled stories of the famous shaman -- who was supposedly killed by falling to his death over two hundred years earlier. Shotoa explained he was saved by being preserved by the elements, and that he had returned to teach the shamans a new form of shamanism that would allow shamans to command the elements, not simply ask favors from them. To show them, Shotoa dispersed a cyclone that had been rampaging across Mulgore.

573px-Muln Earthfury
Muln rejected Shotoa's methods, causing a schism in the Earthen Ring. Even the visions of Drek'thar became unreliable -- although he warned that following one path would save Azeroth and the other will destroy it. He warned Muln about the "fire that consumes all". Asking for aid from the Spirit of the Wild, Muln received a vision of Shotoa's fall so many years ago and realized the shaman was actually a fire elemental wearing the Tauren shaman's form and serving Ragnaros the Firelord. Muln gathered what shamans he could and went to stop the shaman. He learned that Shotoa had led his shamans into a Grimtotem ambush in order to weaken the Earthen Ring. Muln and his shamans arrived in the midst of the ambush, and the two Tauren shaman battled. Eventually, Muln was able to crush Shotoa's head with his totem.
Muln Earthfury at Mount Hyjal
After the Shattering, Muln journeyed to the Maelstrom with Thrall, Farseer Nobundo, and Aggra to try to mend the World Pillar. He later attended Thrall and Aggra's wedding ceremony at Mount Hyjal.

Real WorldEdit

Muln Earthfury is the main character in the manga World of Warcraft: Shaman and appears in the game World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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