Mr. Eagle in KQ5

A bald eagle living in Icebella's Realm in the Great Mountains. Mr. Eagle was starving when he was encountered by Graham outside of Icebella's Palace. The generous king offered him half of the leg of lamb he was carrying, which staved off hunger long enough for the eagle to fly away and survive.

Even a short while later, Mr. Eagle had recovered his strength. Flying past the Roc's Nest in the Great Mountains, he saw Graham about to be consumed by the hatching Roc, so he swooped down and grabbed the human. Though Graham lost his heavy cloak in the escape, he survived thanks to the grateful eagle.

Though Mr. Eagle is unable to communicate with humans regularly, he was able to speak to Graham because of the white snakeskin that the king had eaten.

Real WorldEdit

Mr. Eagle is a character who appears in King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. If the player does not help the eagle, it leads to an unwillable situation in the Roc's Nest.

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