A Dwarven Corpse
Mori Hildelve was a Dwarven pilot of the Ironforge Siege Brigade. While searching for a rare ore, he busted the engine of his vehicle. His companion, Pilot Hammerfoot, landed where the vehicle had crashed and Mori charged him with guarding the engines while he sought the ore on foot. He headed off towards Helm's Bed Lake to continue the search.

While on the hunt, he was attacked by the savage bear Mangeclaw. Sometime after writing in his journal about the attack and his desire for revenge, the bear returned and killed the Dwarf. Later, a group of adventurers found the body and slew the bear in Mori Hildelve's stead.

Real WorldEdit

Mori Hildelve is a character from World of Warcraft, though he is dead by the time the game takes place.

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