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Official DescriptionEdit

No strangers to hardship, the Mordebi humans of the Qalian deserts have seen the destruction of their great society not once, but twice. Refusing to anger the gods again, they have learned their lessons from the desert itself. They see now where their true destiny lies. Swift as the wind and as dangerous as a sandstorm, the mordebi find their strength now in adaptability and nomadic ways. They look to the sands of Qalia to find their home and have shown time and time again, they cannot be truly destroyed, they will always return.

Icon mordebi male
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The mordebi find themselves allying with the varanthari, horse-riding barbarians, more often as their views align easily. However, they are not above taking advantage of the overly rich and corrupt Qaliathari Humans.

"Calling on ancient magic, passed down from tomb lords of Nusible Necropolis, the Mordebi can curse] foes causing a momentary stupor.

The Mordebi are quick agile combatants, as adept and effective at conjuring arcane magic as they are wielding cold steel. The Mordebi have been known to be Warriors, Paladins, Rangers, Rogues, Monks, Bards, Clerics, Shamans, Disciples, Sorcerers, Druids, and Psionicists." ([1])

Real WorldEdit

The Mordebi Humans are a playable race in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

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