Formerly circus clowns, Messie Tessie, Tony Maloney, Miigal Sal, and Rover were rescued from their hapless careers by Ann Agrama who hired them as chefs for Gnome Ann's Land Inn. While ambitious and skilled cooks, the meals they actually manage to produce are generally not what they set out to create. Some of their more classic culinary blunders include:

  • Anchovy Pancakes Topped with Baked Fruit - this dish began as an attempt to create salmon souffle, with Miigal Sal's blueberry pancakes for dessert. However, because they were able to get a good deal on Anchovies from Andre. Marrak was out of blueberries, so Sal substituted bananas and grapes. Rover took the souffle out of the oven just as Tony Maloney called Messie Tessie a "frumpy old stool", so Tessie hurled the pie out of revenge. She hit, but the pie fell on the souffle and squashed it.
  • Lobster Brisk - Rover obtained a large lobster for the soup, but Messie Tessie was upset at the idea of dropping a live lobster into a boiling pot. To rectify the problem, the gnomes decided to get the lobster drunk. Before long, the four gnomish chefs were singing "Little Brown Jug" while the lobster sang harmony. While reaching for more beer, Tessie knocked the flour over everything. They cleaned up the mess and bathed off the lobster. Then, they released the lobster and served his bath water as soup.
  • Goulash - this dish was served and was edible if not tasty, although the story behind its creation has remained a secret.
  • Hero Surprise - after the Hero saved the inn, each cook attempted to cook something special for him. Messie Tessie was making roast beast stuffed with crab. Tony Maloney was making broiled quail in brandy sauce. Miigal Sal was baking Chocolate Temptation Cake. Rover was making bouillabaisse. Tony, having sniffed too much of his brandy sauce, set his quail on fire. Tessie dumped Rover's bouillabaise over the flames to douse them, but missed and soaked Sal's cake. As the chaos erupted, the crab ate the beast and escaped. As a result, Ann bought a pizza and served that instead.

Real WorldEdit

Messie Tessie, Tony Maloney, Miigal Sal, and Rover are characters mentioned in Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire.

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