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Meeps are a small, furry species of sentient creatures that live in underground communities of tunnels. They are bipedal, with their two feet able to function as hands. It is unusual for any members of these communities to speak any language aside from their own, but on occasion it is possible to find a Meep who speaks the Common language. When endangered, Meeps retreat to their tunnels and cover the entrances with stones. Meeps are capable of learning magical spells, and often have scrolls in amongst the seemingly useless items they are apparently compelled to collect. Certain colors of meep fur are said to bear differing magical properties, making them useful ingredient for potions. It is known that green fur is a vital ingredient in some dispel potions. Very little else is known of this seemingly simple and pleasant culture, as they do not generally associate without outsiders.

Notable Meeps include the Green Meep, who dwells at Meep's Peep in Spielburg Valley.

Real WorldEdit

Meeps can be seen in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?, though only one can be spoken to.

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