Master Wraith

The Master Wraith casts a spell

Of all the Wraiths in Mordavia, the Master Wraith was the most powerful. As the Cult of the Dark One fled from the Dark One's Cave, the Chernovy carrying the Heart Ritual was slain by the Master Wraith. The Wraith took the Ritual for the treasure in his Barrow.

The powerful undead later battled the Paladin Piotyr, who sought the Dark One Rituals to free the soul of Erana. The Wraith bested the Paladin and took his sword. Decades later, the Prince of Shapeir finally defeated the Master Wraith.

  • As a thief or a wizard, the reward is jewelry and bones. The thief will also find the Heart Ritual.
  • As a paladin, Devon was sent to defeat the Wraith by the ghost of Piotyr and found Piotyr's Sword in the barrow.
  • As a fighter, Devon found a battle axe in the Wraith's mound.

Real WorldEdit

The Master Wraith is a difficult, unique fight in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

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