Marrak is the food merchant in the Silmarian Town Square who is famed for his gyros. Though he, his mate Sarra, and his daughter Salla originally came from the city of Raseir, they relocated to Silmaria. They managed to hear news of their homeland from their relative Shema.

The Prince of Shapeir purchased a brazier from the Katta merchant, which he later used in his hot air balloon. He was also sure to buy a pepperoni pizza, an artichoke pizza, and a box of soko-la-takya. Marrak also sells gyros and mixed fruit that the Hero purchased.

Memorable Quotes:Edit

  • "If your belly aches so from hunger, perhaps you should buy some fruit from me. It makes a good between meals snack."
  • "Guards! This villain is a thief! Protect me from this thieving!"

Real WorldEdit

Marrak is a character from Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

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