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The corpse of Marcus Penhold

Marcus Penhold was a young mage who lived in the Beggar's Nest district of Neverwinter with his brother Bertrand. Although content with living in that district, he distinctly disliked the Shing Serpent Inn. In the midst of the Wailing Death, Zombies began to attack the district. Bertrand, along with many other residents, fled. Marcus was separated from his brother, although he knew that Bertrand would wait for him at the Helmite Sanctuary.

Marcus decided that, rather than meet his brother, he would face down the zombies and end the influx of undead. After writing this decision in his journal, he went into battle with the Penhold Staff. There were too many zombies for him to take on his own, and he was slain.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This person looks to have been overwhelmed by the horde of undead that now lay around him. He must have put up quite a fight, judging by the severity of his wounds, though it did him no good in the end. His red robes were practically torn from his body, though they actually appear to be in fair condition." ("Examine" Description from Corpse of Marcus Penhold)

Real WorldEdit

Marcus Penhold is a character whose corpse is seen in Neverwinter Nights.

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