Manu was the brave leader of the monkeys of the East Fricana jungle. He was able to speak to humans in the Common language.

When the monkeys fled from their enslavement by the Apemen of the Lost City, Manu led them across the Waterfall to the place that became the Monkey Village.

He ended up caught in a Goblin Pygmy trap in the jungle where the Prince of Shapeir found him. He freed the monkey, who declared the Hero his "Man-Friend".

Much later, Manu encountered his Man-Friend as the Hero raced through the jungle towards the Lost City. Manu brought the Hero to the Monkey Village and tried to persuade him that he should leave behind the Liontaurs, Simbani, and Leopardmen and live carefree with the monkeys. The Hero explained that the demons would also destroy the monkeys and that, as a Hero, he had to save everyone from the demonic menace. Reluctantly, Manu agreed to take his Man-Friend to the Waterfall Crossing and the Lost City. On the way, they were attacked by a Demon Worm, which the Hero slew. Manu was bolstered by this victory, but still hoped his friend would reconsider. When they reached the Lost City and Devon entered, Manu stayed near in case of trouble.

When the Hero's friends Rasha Rakeesh SahTarna, Uhura, Yesufu, Johari, and Harami arrived, Manu watched from above. When Harami refused to participate in the coming battle and Rakeesh, Manu climbed down the wall and volunteered to help his Man-Friend. He entered the Hall of Mirrors and battled his Demonic Doppleganger. He survived the fight and reunited with his Man-Friend just before dark magic teleported the Hero away.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Monkeys happy alla time. Eat, sleep, groom fur for fleas -- many, many things to do in monkey village!"
  • "Manu not want dead man-friend."

Real WorldEdit

Manu is a character from Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.

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