Mantrays are a rather unusual species found in some of the wooded regions of northern Gloriana, including Spielburg Valley. Due to the magical nature of their abilities, it is assumed that the origins of the mantray are mystical. Between the charges of lightning that the mantray flings from its tail, its ability to camouflage against the ground anywhere it chooses to rest, and its ability for flight the main thing known about these creatures is that they are very deadly. It appears to be a hybrid of a Manta Ray and a Sting Ray, although neither of those sea creatures is as much trouble for adventurers.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Assumed to be of magical origin, the Mantray has the abilities of camouflage, flight, and controlled lightning. Resembling a cross between a Manta Ray and a Sting Ray, it lives in forested areas where it conceals itself upon the ground, awaiting the unwary." (Excerpt from the QfG1 Manual)


Real WorldEdit

Mantrays are a randomly encountered monster in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?.

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