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Once a rival of the wizard Manannan, Manannan's Cat was a witch who fell victim to the same spell that would eventually transform the wizard into a feline. She despised Gwydion, and frequently tried to scratch him or get in his way. He, on the other hand, came to enjoy kicking her. He also took a handful of cat hair from her to create the Cat Cookie he would use on his captor.

After Manannan's defeat, the whereabouts of his cat are unknown.


AGDI UniverseEdit

Manannan's Cat is a tom cat who hates Alexander, claiming that he used to be the favorite. It is unclear if this means the cat was once a Gwydion or if there is other meaning behind this.

Real WorldEdit

Manannan's Cat appeared in King's Quest III: To Heir is Human and both VGA remakes.

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