Mama Bear is the matriarch of the Three Bears. She is protective of Papa Bear and Baby Bear and has a terrible temper. She enjoys gardening and spends much of her time in the garden of the Three Bear's Home. She also enjoys walking in the woods with her family. She likes her Porridge cold, and her chairs and beds very soft.

Alexander took her Silver Thimble when he was in the Three Bears' Home, although the gold he sent later helped her to forgive him for this.


AGDI UniverseEdit

Mama Bear has been renamed Mildred Behr although her role is largely unaltered.

Real WorldEdit

Mama Bear is a character in King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. She appears in both the fan-made VGA remake by IA and the fan-made reinterpretation King's Quest III Redux by AGDI.

External LinksEdit

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