Maldred's Mace is a dread weapon wielded by the fearsome General Maldred. Though in single combat he much prefers his flaming blade, the General wields his mace when leading armies. The mace itself is infused with the fiery essence of the sun, lighting everything it touches ablaze with mystical flames that can not be extinguished. It may be even more dangerous than the general's blade. The Skybrand presumably retrieved it after defeating General Maldred.

Official DescriptionEdit

(This is the description of the mace found in the Haven game itself.)

  • "In single combat, Maldred's burning blade is his weapon of choice, but in true battle, at the head of his armies and charging into thousands of enemy warriors, Maldred crashes through anything in reach with his heavy mace. Spiked and infused with the the burning essence of the sun, anything it touches burns uncontrollably."

Real WorldEdit

Maldred's Mace is a weapon that is available for purchase by Haven on Facebook players from the Temple for 30 favor points. It adds +39 to strength, +6 agility, and +0 intelligence.

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