Malakai was raised amongst the hill tribes of the eastern areas of Nirros, the hills of the Heavenspeak Mountains. Growing into a mighty warrior, he battled orcs and forest trolls to gain the respect of his tribes. Eventually, he became a leader of the hill tribes. He leads them in the hunt for greater dragons -- but is more than willing to lend their support to the mighty Skybrand of prophecy.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Raised among the mighty hill tribes in the east, Malakai wrestled with orc and fought forest trolls in his youth, and distinguished himself as a warrior the moment he hefted his first axe. Now of age, he leads the hill tribe in their endless hunting of greater dragons, but he'll lend his skill to your cause in these desperate times."

Real WorldEdit

Malakai is a General that may be bought in the Temple in Haven on Facebook. He costs 35 favor points and has 15 strength, 2 agility, and 2 intelligence.

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