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Lady Lillian and Lord Herbert

Before his death at the hands of the Brotherhood of the Pack, Lord Herbert was a man who fulfilled many roles. He was a member of the nobility of Western Kolyma, the son of Count Caldaur and Countess Lavidia. He was the husband of Lady Lillian and the father of Anastasia. When he and his wife were slain by the monastic werewolves of the Brotherhood, his spirit remained and guarded Castle Caldaur from intruders. Graham tricked his way into the castle. After Anastasia became a vampire, the king brought Anastasia's Ring to the grave of Lord Herbert and Lady Lillian. They understood that their daughter would never be joining them in the Land of the Dead, and so their ghosts moved on to their final rest. Their gravestone read:

"Lord Herbert & Lady Lillian

b. 1648 d. 1668

Loving parents of Anastasia

Beloved son and daughter-in-law

of Count Caldaur and Countess Lavidia.

Our enemies, be warned:

Their untimely deaths will be avenged."

Real WorldEdit

Lord Herbert and Lady Lillian were inspired by the Ghost Guards in King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne but were expanded on in AGDI's remake King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones.

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