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Lord Coningsby's ghost

Lord Coningsby was one of several noblemen who served as lord of Whateley Manor. He was unhappily married to Lady Coningsby, who he bured in Whateley Cemetery. He was also a decorated war hero, who lost his leg in battle. When he died, he was buried next to his wife with a headstone which reads:

"Lord Coningsby 1559-1626

Sleepeth here in peace: an honorable man, a valiant soldier.

He served his country well."

Either as a cause or a result of the manor and cemeteries being withdrawn from the Other World to the World of Daventry, Lord Coningsby began to haunt the manor. Rosella dug up his grave and found his medal of honor, which she returned to him to set his soul to rest.

Real WorldEdit

Lord Coningsby is one of the ghosts encountered in King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella.

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