Logos is a scholarly centaur who has long served as the advisor to the king of Silmaria.

When he was a young scholar, he set off to Thebes to research the Sphinx. It was there that he met and befriended Rasha Rakeesh SahTarna, a Liontaur who was earning his warrior rank. Years passed, though the two remained in touch. They shared a strong belief in honor.

Before too long, Logos became the Speaker of Silmaria and the chief advisor to the king. He served under King Justinian for many years until his liege was assassinated. Taking over rulership of the kingdom in desperate times, he summoned Rakeesh and the Archmage Erasmus for help. Both recommended the Prince of Shapeir as the Hero who could save the kingdom, and the three concocted a plan to root out the villain by having the masterful Hero enter the Rites of Rulership. When the Hero arrived, the quests began.

Logos conducted the Rites of Rulership fairly, though cautiously attempting to keep the contestants out of harm's way. When it was uncovered that Minos was behind the plot, Logos was outraged and sent the Hero to stop the villain.

After the Dragon of Doom was defeated, Logos crowned the new King of Silmaria, for whom he would continue to serve as the Speaker of Silmaria and chief advisor.

Memorable Quotes:Edit

  • "I am the speaker of Silmaria. I am the voice of the King and of the People. I will make certain that only the most worthy shall attain the ruler ship of this kingdom. That is my duty, and my honor."

Real WorldEdit

Logos is a character in Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire.

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