Aging Lavidia in Romancing the Stones

Lavidia was the wife of Count Caldaur, mother of Lord Herbert, and the Grandma of Anastasia. When her child and later her husband died, she moved to a cottage on the beach to hide from the Brotherhood of the Pack, taking her granddaughter with her. She raised the young girl for years, but eventually she fell ill. Anastasia began to take care of her grandmother, but the elderly woman became worse and worse.

Eventually, Graham came to the cottage with a pot of chicken soup he'd recovered from the Little Dwarf on behalf of Anastasia. The two became acquainted, and Lavidia thanked the king for his kindness by giving him a black cloak and a ruby ring that belonged to her ill-fated husband.

Lavidia Vamp

Lavidia as a Vampire

Later that night, alerted of his love's failing health by Graham, Count Caldaur came to the cottage and transformed Lavidia and Anastasia into vampires. Lavidia and Caldaur returned to the castle in time to see Graham attempting to escape from the castle's window. Together the count and his countess, in bat forms, knocked him from the tower wall he was climbing down and brought him back into the castle. When he awoke they sent him to retrieve the sapphire tiara that Caldaur sought to give his wife.

Real WorldEdit

Lavidia is only present in the AGDI remake King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones, her character was inspired by Grandma in the original King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne.

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