Laspo Yorick is a half-gnome jester and magic user employed by Baron Stefan von Spielburg. He is a distant cousin of Keapon Laffin. He grew very fond of Elsa von Spielburg during her childhood, so when she was abducted as a result of Baba Yaga's curse Yorick vowed to find her.

He set off on his own in search of the girl and, as far as anyone knew, never returned. In truth, he succeeded in finding her amongst the Spielburg Brigands but he was unable to lift the enchantment that affected her. Instead, Yorick took up the position of Brigand Warlock so that he could better protect her, along with the aid of the young Toro. Yorick attempted to provide moral guidance once the enchanted Elsa became the Brigand Leader.

Yorick also befriended 'Enry the 'Ermit, from whom he received the Mirror of Reversal. Yorick treasured the gift and kept it in the Brigand Fortress for safekeeping. The hermit and the half-gnome frequently play cards together in 'Enry's Cave.

When the Hero infiltrated the Brigand Keep and discovered Yorick in Yorick's Maze, the jester was delighted to hear of the Dispel Potion. Though he was delighted that there was someone with the ability to remove Elsa's enchantment, he insisted the hero solve his maze. Once the curse was lifted, Yorick fled the Brigand Fortress with Elsa to return to Castle Spielburg.

Some time later, Yorick wrote the book Grin and Bear It -- The Completely Unauthorized Biography of "Bear-on" Barnard von Spielburg. He found that his calling in life was to torment Barnard von Spielburg with comedy, and so when Elsa left for Silmaria, Yorick remained behind.

Real WorldEdit

Laspo Yorick is a character in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?. He is mentioned in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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