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Lady Lillian and Lord Herbert

The mother of Anastasia and beloved wife of Lord Herbert, Lady Lillian and her husband were killed by the Brotherhood of the Pack. Afterwards, their spirits guarded Castle Caldaur against any who might harm their family. Graham managed to trick them into allowing him entry. Afterwards, he brought a gold ring to their grave -- a sign from Anastasia to her parents that she had become a vampire and would not be joining them in the Land of the Dead. Lord Herbert thanked the king, as Lillian's was still frozen in anguish, and the spirits went to their final rest. Their gravestone read:

"Lord Herbert & Lady Lillian
b. 1648 d. 1668
Loving parents of Anastasia
Beloved son and daughter-in-law
of Count Caldaur and Countess Lavidia.
Our enemies, be warned:
Their untimely deaths will be avenged."

Real WorldEdit

Lady Lillian and Lord Herbert serve nearly the same purpose as the Ghost Guards of King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne, although they have been very much expanded into characters rather than simple obstacles in the AGDI remake King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones.

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