163px-Lady Eonys
Lady Eonys was a Sin'dorei from Silvermoon City. Sometime after Kael'thas entered the Dark Portal, she joined the Argent Dawn. While in service of that organization, she became a captive of the Scarlet Crusade, held prisoner in the Scarlet Enclave.

When the Death Knights of Archerus attacked the Scarlet Enclave, the prisoners held there became prisoners of the Scourge. Many of these prisoners had previously known the heroes who had become the Death Knights, and these prisoners were reserved to be slain by their former friends.

Lady Eonys had once been friends with the Blood Elf Death Knight Champion, and was shocked to see her comrade from Silvermoon City in the control of the Lich King. Though she pled for the Death Knight to fight against the control of the Lich King, she still fell victim to the Scourge champion's blade.

Real WorldEdit

Lady Eonys is a character in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

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