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The Kurashasa are a race ruled by a powerful council of Pscionicists who coordinate the Great Hunt around which their entire society operates. The Great Hunt has been the center of Kurashasa culture for as long as their historians can recall. After being forced from their last battle to the world of Telon, the Kurashasa strive to form alliances with the races of Qalia in order to defeat their ancient enemies.

Having arrived in Lomshir, the Kurashasa quickly befriended the Varanthari, though the Qaliathari Humans, Dark Elves, and Mordebi Humans are very distrustful of the newcomers to their land. Outside of Telon, the Kurashasa maintain alliances with the Pyrelords of Infernus, the Sybarites, the Nyth, the Umbrals, and the Flesh Shapers of Zhaal.

Adventurers among the Kurashasa are often Warriors, Dread Knights, Rangers, Rogues, Disciples, Blood Mages, Necromancers, Sorcerers, and Pscionicists.

Official DescriptionEdit

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"Other worldly trackers and fierce hunters, the Kurashasa are among the most feared beings in the outer planes. Their Great Hunt of the rift walking Ahnd'ka has led them to the world of Qur'xa and its temple of twisting gates. A sneak attack upon the Temple of Qur'xa by the last vestiges of the Ahnd'ka has caught the proud Kurashasa by surprise, and now the savage world of Qur'xa has been transformed into a battlefield. The psychic Yothkai, allies of the Kurashasa and keepers of the temple, have been forced to abandon the temple to their mutual enemy. Should the Ahnd'ka unravel the wards on the twisting gates and cross the planes then the Great Hunt must follow. Cunning, powerful and intelligent, the Kurashasa are feared by their enemies and allies alike."

"The Kurashasa rely on symbiotes to sustain their life, but they also provide protection for the Kurashasa in times of need.

The Kurashasa are fierce hunters by nature, paired with the channeled symbiotes psyche they are capable of combating foes in either melee or magical battles." ([1])

Real WorldEdit

Kurashasa are a playable race in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

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