The Klask are massive ogre-like creatures that mindlessly serve their Morden masters. Though they are immensely strong to begin with, the danger posed by these three-headed monstrosities is increased by the metal spiked fists the Morden equip them with. These, combined with the strength, size, and ferocity that Klask naturally possess, transform the Klask into living siege weapons.

Notable MembersEdit

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Woe betide he who finds himself face-to-face with a Klask. These three-headed beasts are living, breathing battering rams used by the Morden. They use their enormous spiked fists to smash through anything in their way – be it stone walls, castle keeps, or enemy lines. The Klask save their most violent moves for their enemies – they like nothing better than crushing a soldier’s skull between their iron fists. A single enemy against this creature has little hope." (From the Official Dungeon Siege II Site)

Real WorldEdit

The Klask are monsters found in Dungeon Siege II.

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