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Kiram in QfG2 VGA

Kiram is a Katta clothing merchant with a stand in the Fighter's Plaza of Shapeir. He is the uncle of Shameen and the nephew of Toshar. He is the cousin to both Sharaf and Sashanan, as well as the second cousin of Tiram. Through marriage, he became the brother of Tashtari.

The Hero obtained a cloth sack from Kiram, which would later help in containing the Earth Elemental that stalked the streets of the city.


Quest for Glory II VGAEdit

Kiram mentions that the spell used by Shameen to change Devon's clothing was created by himself, magically exchanging the Hero's former outfit for one of Kiram's design.

Real WorldEdit

Kiram is a character in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. He also appears in the remake of this game by AGDI.

External LinksEdit

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