The Keyholder in KQ6

The Keyholder has a two-fold job. He issues tickets to the spirits seeking passage into the Land of the Dead from the surface of the island and holds a very important skeleton key, the purposes of which are unknown. The Keyholder is a music lover, a personality trait most likely retained from his former life. Though Alexander was not aware of this fact, it proved useful to him when he played a rendition of "Them Dry Bones" on a bone xylophone near the Gate to the Land of the Dead. When the Keyholder began to dance, the key fell off of the keyring it was held on, and Alexander picked it up.

It is unknown what happened to the Keyholder after the key was lost.

Real WorldEdit

The Keyholder is a character present in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. He is also present in the death sequence, handing Alexander his ticket, should the player die at any point during the game.

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