The first appearance of the Keeper of the Way, panel 3 of page 67

The Keeper of the Way has the appearance of a Beholder or a Fury -- a massive head with multiple eyes on separate stalks and one large eye centered on its head. Little is actually known about the Keeper of the Way, but it seems to guard the very timeline of the world. The Keeper also seems to be utterly insane, Benn'joon theorized "No light and no company make Beholder go crazy." It often repeated the phrase "So it was written, so it shall be" and stared at walls. The party of adventurers encountered the insane being while passing through Richard's portal into the past of Kethenecia.

The Keeper of the Way seems to be in league with the Archmage of Kethenecia, for purposes as yet unknown.

Real WorldEdit

The Keeper of the Way is a character in the webcomic Looking for Group who first appeared on Page 67 and later appeared on Page 88 and Page 208.

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