Keapon Laffin in QfG2 VGA (non-canon)

Keapon Laffin is a gnomish magic user who owns the Shapeir Magic Shop. The punny magic user is a cousin of Laspo Yorick.

When the Hero entered his shop, Keapon recommended the adventurer seek out both Aziza and the Wizard's Institute of Technocery. Keapon also advised the Hero when the Air Elemental attacked the city and gave him a bit of Fooler's Earth to help stop the elemental.

Later, when the Hero left Shapeir for Tarna, Keapon provided a gift for the Sultan Harun Al-Rashid to give to the Hero.


Quest for Glory II VGAEdit

In the version of QfG2 made by AGDI...

Keapon Laffin invites fellow spellcasters to play a game of Wizard's Whirl with him.

Real WorldEdit

Keapon Laffin is a character who appears in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (including the VGA remake by AGDI) and is mentioned in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.

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