Kalb is the meat seller of Tarna, with a stand in the southern end of the Tarna Bazaar. Though he bears resemblance to Canines and Jackalmen, he is actually descended from the pharoah dogs that were bred by humans until the Change. He has been known to refer to himself as the "Dog of Tarna". Kalb is intensely loyal to those whom he takes a liking to, often at the expense of his own dignity. This is especially true of his mate and pups, and also the Hero.

Despite constant rumors that he drools on the dried meat that he sells, Kalb is a very successful merchant. The majority of the meat served at the Welcome Inn is bought from his stand, and Janna Jamil speaks very highly of the merchant with whom she regularly shops.

Kalb is the only merchant in Tarna who took pity on Harami after he was declared Honorless. He began leaving some of his meat out behind his tent while closing up his stand each night.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Call me anytime, anywhere. And if I am not selling meat at my stand, or taking care of the puppies while my mate rests, or eating, or sleeping, I'll come running to your side!"

Real WorldEdit

Kalb is a merchant who sells rations in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.

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