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Janos' Wraith

The fiance of Elyssa Pavlovna, Janos the Jerk was also her murderer. The two went skinny-dipping together in the lake one evening, and he attempted to make love to her in the water. When she refused, he drowned her. He was never convicted of any murder. He also never remarried and was buried next to her empty grave.

Years later, the Paladin Hero of Tarna attempted to put Elyssa to rest. He took a broom with Elyssa's hair weaved into it and beat Janos' grave three times. This awakened and angered the spirit of the murderer, which arose as a wraith and commenced to battle the Hero. He was defeated, and Elyssa's death was avenged.

His gravestone reads:

"Here lies Janos. Faithful to his Lost True Love, laid beside her empty grave."

Real WorldEdit

Janos the Jerk appears in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. Though any class can view his gravestone, Piotyr only gives the Paladin the quest that leads to the battle against Janos.

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