Igor is the resident gravedigger and headstone carver for the Town of Mordavia. Mostly because of his hunchback, he is considered "strange" and is something of an outcast in the town. Igor is most noted for his strange "graveyard humor". Despite their general behavior towards him, however, most of the Mordavian townsfolk are highly protective of Igor. Igor has a strange friendship with Dr. Cranium, for whom he sometimes collects ingredients needed in experiments.

Shortly after the Hero arrived in town, Igor was caught in a grave he was digging in the Mordavian Cemetery. The Hero freed the gravedigger and later told him of how the town had nearly executed Gypsy Davy in outrage over the fact that they believed he had eaten their beloved gravediger. Igor was grateful to be rescued, and was touched to hear of the reaction to his disappearance. In thanks, Igor gave the Hero the key to the Borgov Crypt.

Real WorldEdit

Igor is a character in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

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