Rosella and Iggy

Rosella presents Iggy to the Gravedigger (KQ7)

Iggy was the rat used by the Gravedigger to power his Digging Machine. The Gravedigger was also quite affectionate for the pet, which was exceptionally strong and intelligent for a rat. He was stolen by the Ghoul Kids shortly before Rosella arrived in Ooga Booga.

Rosella, in an effort to retrieve Iggy for the Gravedigger who had saved her life, gave the Weird Pet to the Ghoul Kids. Distracted, they gave Iggy a chance to escape. He leapt from the Pumpkin House to Rosella. She brought him back to the Gravedigger, and Iggy immediately got back to work.

Real WorldEdit

Iggy is a character and an inventory item that appears in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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