Hook Horrors are bird-like monsters, bipedal creatures with massive, blade-like hooks at the ends of their arms. Their body is covered in an exoskeleton that is typically gray in color and is as hard to penetrate as plate armor. An average hook horror will stand at 9 feet (247 cm) in height and weigh 350 pounds (160 kg).

Hook Horrors communicate to each other in a language of clicks and clacks, which echo strangely in the caves they typically inhabit.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • 320px-Hook horror - Heather Hudson
    "Covered in a hard, chitinous exoskeleton, their forelimbs hooked and bladed, these vicious subterranean predators can be fearsome to behold." (Neverwinter Nights)


Real WorldEdit

Hook Horrors are monsters found in Dungeons & Dragons, including the computer game Neverwinter Nights.

External LinksEdit

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