Queen Hippolyta is the ruler of the Tritons of Atlantis. She is powerful and very protective of her aquatic subjects. It is not known if she ruled over the Tritons at the time of Atlantis' destruction, as the lifespan of Tritons remains a mystery.

Many years prior to the death of King Justinian, Famous Adventurer met the queen. The two fell in love -- with the human bringing her bouquets of flowers from the surface and her fondly calling him "Silvertongue". Eventually, the relationship ended due to the human's need to breathe air. The queen was left heartbroken, but still with fond memories of her time spent with Silvertongue.

Some time later, human ships bearing the flags of Silmaria attacked Tritons in the Med Sea. Infuriated, she declared war against the human nation. All human vessels found in the waters around Atlantis fell under siege from the merfolk, until the Hero entered the palace of Atlantis and confronted her. Speaking to her of his friend Silvertongue and the situation unraveling on the surface, Queen Hippolyta agreed to end the war. She gave the Hero a Peace Statue as a symbol of the truce, promising that the statue would shatter should the peace be broken by either party.

Real WorldEdit

Queen Hippolyta is a character in Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

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