The Hesparian Mercenaries are paid mercenaries from another land, many from the regions surrounding Nova Roma.

Hesparian Mercenaries led by General Claudius were hired by Minos to invade the island of Marete and stir up a war between the Tritons and the Kingdom of Silmaria. Many of the mercenaries were also stationed to guard Minos Island.

Most of the rest of the mercenaries attacked the fishing villages Naxos, Ios, Paros, Keros and Tinos. The Rite of Freedom was issued so that the Champions of Silmaria might free the villages. After all of the villages were freed, Logos had the contenders attack Sifnos Fortress to defeat General Claudius and render the threat of the Hesparian Mercenaries no more. Only the Prince of Shapeir was able to infiltrate the island fortress.

Real WorldEdit

Hesparian Mercenaries are a monster found in Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

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