After Norick charged the Farmer with finding Gyorn, the adventurer set out to reach the town of Stonebridge. She was forced through the Crypt of the Sacred Blood where she rescued Ulora from the Krug there. She joined the quest and together the two reached Stonebridge. After receiving Norick's message, Gyorn joined the duo. While in the town they encountered Naidi, Rusk, and Zed who also joined the quest.

After journeying through Wesrin Cross, the group found themselves in Glitterdelve where they witnessed Gloern fighting a small army of Krug by himself. They joined the fray and Gloern joined them. With the Dwarf's help, they reached Glacern where they acquired the aid of Kroduk and Lorun. The band of adventurers set out to find Merik, who they soon freed from within a block of ice.

After continuing on their journey, they found the Traveler's Camp where they met Phaedriel. She joined them as they traveled into the swamps. In those swamps, they met Andiemus who also joined them in the hopes of leaving the wetlands he was lost in. After facing off against the Goblins, the group made their way to Fortress Kroth. As they neared the fortress, they were joined by the Traveler Boryev who sought Sikra.

Eager to leave the fortress and help his kingdom, Rhut joined the band of adventurers as they departed from Fortress Kroth. Shortly afterwards, they rescued Sikra who offered her magic to the adventurers as well. Just outside of Castle Ehb, the adventurers recruited the knight Lord Bolingar to aid them in the besieged castle.

After the Seck had been defeated, the adventurers were hailed as the Heroes of Ehb. Eventually, each of them was buried in the Heroes' Crypt.

Notable MembersEdit

Real WorldEdit

The Heroes of Ehb are the players party (and the characters able to join the party) in the original campaign of Dungeon Siege.

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