This article is about the Player Character, and as such many of the details are subject to the player's choices -- including gender, class, and name.

The Hero of Falconreach, sometimes called the Dragonlord of Chaos, is one of the most well-known and most successful of the adventurers of Lore and the legendary archnemesis of the Doom-Knight called Sepulchure. They are fairly sarcastic in nature, quite good-hearted and are known not to take their life too seriously, often much to the annoyance of their enemies (and sometimes even their friends).

They also own the fabled Darkness Dragon of the Black Box, which is a friendly ally to defeat monsters with.


The Hero of Falconreach is a jack-of-all-trades, able to learn a variety of adventuring classes. S/He is a...

During certain adventures, s/he learned the abilities of a...

S/He has had opportunity to learn to become a...


Little is known of the Hero's life prior to his discovery by Lady Celestia. After s/he received the Black Dragon Box, a reversal of the Dragon Prophecy and recovered the dragon egg, s/he protected it until it hatched. Afterwards, s/he explored Lore in search of the Prime Elemental Orbs to prevent Sepulchure from obtaining them and tried to rescue people from danger.

S/He also protected Amityvale from Lord Frydae XIII and aided Ash Dragonblade, as well as repeatedly rescuing Falconreach and Frostvale from various disasters. S/He exposed the spy in Falconreach as well.

Real WorldEdit

The Hero of Falconreach is the player's character in DragonFable, soley representing the player in their adventures.

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