Desperate for a reprieve from the Spielburg Brigands, tormented by monsters, and seldom frequented by the adventurers who had once flocked to their valley the people of Spielburg put a flyer out to advertise their need for a Hero. The flyer read:

"Wanted: Hero

No experience necessary.

Visit Beautiful Spielburg,

Fight Brigands,

Reward and Title

"Hero of Spielburg"

To the successful applicant."

Copies of this flyer could be found in many areas near Spielburg Valley, until it caught the eye of an aspring Hero. (Devon Aidendale specifically spotted the flyer in the adventurers guild in Willowsby.) The "No experience necessary" part was especially attractive to the fledgling adventurer. And so, his adventures began.

Real WorldEdit

This flyer is a part of the backstory of Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero? and is the player's given reason for being in the valley to begin with.

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