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Gulnan was the Waterdhavian Yuan-Ti that was sent from her prison in Waterdeep to Neverwinter in the hopes that she could provide a component to the spell that would cure the deadly plague. She was held in the Neverwinter Academy, but was able to escape into the city when the Academy was attacked.

Gulnan escaped into the Beggar's Nest district, just outside the Neverwinter Academy. Soon she encountered the Dark Sun Cult, who hailed her as a divine being. Using them, she began to raise Zombies to attack the city. She also encountered Drawl, the leader of the Sword Coast Boys. She corrupted him, promising him power but ultimately turning him and his fellow gang members into zombies.

Guided by visions which showed a reptillian creature crushing the defenses of Neverwinter, she mistakenly believed that she was this creature. She raised and unleashed her undead army from the safety of the Warrens of the Damned. The Hero of Neverwinter reached her and battled her, ultimately slaying her and taking her Yuan-Ti Heart for the cure to the plague.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "The Waterdhavian Yuan-Ti appears cold and reptilian, appropriately enough. She looks determined not to be recaptured." ("Examine" Description, Prologue)
  • "The Waterdhavian Yuan-Ti appears cold and reptilian, appropriately enough. She looks well armored and armed, not at all friendly, and determined not to be captured." ("Examine" Description, Ch. 1)

Real WorldEdit

Gulnan appeared in the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights.

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