Official DescriptionEdit

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The Guardians are the chosen of Telara’s gods, the Vigil. After the tyrant Aedraxis called forth power from the Plane of Death and devastated Telara, the Vigil chose the greatest souls who fell that day to be harbingers of the next era. A golden age awaits, but Telara must first be saved — by deed, by example, and by the sword. Its people must be redeemed, its corruptors purged, before the world can truly be safe.

The Guardians are driven forward by the memory of Telara’s countless fallen innocents crying out for salvation as the Ward was broken, only to be consumed by invading riftspawn. This is what the Vigil created the Guardians to strive against, lest millions more meet slavery or oblivion at the dragons’ claws. The Guardians are the light, poised against the all-devouring darkness.

The Guardians come from among the three races most devoted to the gods: the fearless Mathosians, the wise High Elves, and the uncompromising Dwarves. Though each race is beloved of the Vigil, each seeks redemption for the sins of their leaders: Aedraxis Mathos unleashed the Shade, Prince Hylas broke the Elves’ ancient covenant with the divine, and the Dwarves trafficked with unspeakable forces to achieve wonders of crafting and prosperity. Thus, the Guardians represent atonement and redemption just as much as hope for Telara.

Within their holy city of Sanctum, the Guardians plan bold offensives against the dragons and their cults. Their crusades assault the undead armies of Regulos, their inquisitions purge the lunatic cults of Akylios, and their agents root out sinister plots as far away as the deserts of Shimmersand. The Vigil dictates no single path to salvation, so the Guardians seek their own place in the holy litany by ending the threat of the dragons and the blasphemy of the Defiant.

Real WorldEdit

The Guardians are one of the two main factions of the game Rift.

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