Grump-Frump is easily the widest of the Sense Gnomes, for as the Sense Gnome of Taste his entire body is formed around an enormous mouth. Inside the gigantic mouth is the gnome's tool -- a massive tongue. Grump-Frump is betrayed only by his sweet tooth. He is the third in line, following Tom Trow and Grovenor. Alexander, rather than fooling Grump-Frump, chose to bribe the gnome with a tasty Mint. Grump-Frump enjoyed the delectable treat and decided that Alexander posed no danger.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Grump-Frump knows a tasty treat. It matters not what others bleat. No danger this one, so sweet."
  • "My tongue betrays this one so sly! A man it is. I tell no lie."
  • "My tongue dislikes this sour thing! And the taste of man all o'er it clings!"

Real WorldEdit

Grump-Frump is a character in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

External LinksEdit

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