Grovenor is the Sense Gnome of Hearing. His ears, while a little bit floppy, are enormous. This allows him to catch even the smallest sounds, and he uses this ability to help his brothers guard the Isle of Wonder. He keeps plugs in his ears to keep from hearing everything all of the time. Alexander tricked him by using the mechanical nightingale.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "A nose is not a way to spy. My ears cannot be told a lie. A nightingale is all there be. No man is near, and so say me."
  • "A flute, it's true, is a harmless thing. But the man who blows it... there's the sting!"
  • "My ears can't miss that strong heartbeat! A man it is! A man, we greet!"
  • "My ears can hear nothing so clear, as the sound of a man standing here!"

Real WorldEdit

Grovenor is a character in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

External LinksEdit

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